Jennifer Osman

I began my journey into the world of yoga by attending a yoga class somewhere around 2008 with my mom, a lifelong yogi, and  my sister. Being a total adrenaline junkie, I wasn’t expecting much, maybe a good stretch and maybe a little piece of mind. What I found on that day was something unexpected and unique. I left the class feeling more inspired than I had ever felt doing any other type of “exercise”. This feeling intrigued me, which I continued to pursue by attending more classes, trying all practices of yoga. 

Within a year, my perspective shifted, my intensity lightened, and I found a self awareness that I had sought for years.

 Over the next few years, I was able to quiet my ever present mind, or at least when I had wanted or needed. I was able to accept every part of me, completely, not just the parts of me that were “acceptable”. It gave me a place to harness and use my energy in a way that always led me to the lightness of life. And, most notably, freed me of tension held in my body, and mind to live openly and fully.

On my way through my journey of the 8 limbed yogic path, I have embraced all that is well offering kindness to myself, regardless of the obstacles. This experience ignited a passion in me to spread this sensation to others,  in hopes that everyone is able to experience this kind of awakening. 

Yoga is my best friend, there is no other way to describe this beautiful gift I have received. Yoga offers me strength when I am weak, softness when I am harsh, Love when I am distant, confidence when I am critical, empathy when I am judgemental. My yoga practice is  a constant reminder that life is this BIG, exciting  journey that I am meant to experience and dance with each and every beautiful day.